So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith

One night as I was half asleep in bed, God suddenly flashed the words "Project Love" in my mind. Then I received the thought: "make scarves for Russia.'  My first reaction was, "Whoa where did that come from!? Really God? Is this something you want me to do?"

It was, and I did.

After that moment I felt such an excitement in my heart that I knew it wasn't a project just for me but for my entire team, and anyone else who wanted to participate! The physical 'project' was to hand-make warm articles of clothing such as scarves, mittens, socks, hats, and so on. Not solely to fill a practical need, however, but more importantly to bless those in need during the upcoming Russian winter and spread the scandalous and powerful love of Jesus.

We wanted each article to be hand-made so that it would clearly be an intentional act of love to the recipient. The recipient would now that it was not mindlessly manufactured.  I believe it is more meaningful to know that someone actually took time to make something special - and needed - just for them. 

Throughout the 3 months of the training school, our Russia team spread the word about this new project and ended up collecting 630 articles of clothing made by friends, family, & churches all around the US and Canada!  We distributed these items to the homeless living on the street of Russia, in rehab centers, and several orphanages. It was an incredible honor to carry out Project Love and see it touch the hearts of so many people of all ages.

Project Love was an idea from the Lord - a calling from the Lord. I was abruptly and unexpectedly called to provide for and minister to the neediest among us with a simple thing like scarves. What will it be next, I wonder? My prayer is that our minds would forever be set to think of these brothers and sisters without clothes, food, water, whatever it may be. Let us provide for them with earnest hearts and tell them of the deep love of Jesus while doing it.