The Sacred Portion is a ministry dedicated to supporting a wide range of missionary oragnizations and relief efforts, all with the same goal of bringing the Gospel and the basic essentials for life to the neediest among us. The ministries that we partner with are spread throughout the world and quite frankly, they are changing the world in the name of Jesus.

Our founding goals are to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through :

  • the verbal, broadcast and printed proclamation of the Gospel
  • the training and equipping of ministers of the Gospel
  • acts of mercy and compassion to the poor, the handicapped, the homeless, the sick. orphans, refugees, persecuted Christians,  displaced persons and any person or group of people with an emergency need
  • the defense of the unborn
  • the promotion of family stability, Christian nurture and Christian education for children
  • the support and encouragement of Christian ministers
  • the advancement and maintenance of the material infrastructure needed by Christian ministries to accomplish their purposes
  • the promotion of Christian spiritual renewal