My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work

Many of us tend to associate holidays and family time with good, home-cooked meals. But what about the holidays for people who barely have enough food for a normal week? Christmas is certainly not centered around food, but being able to provide a small feast during this special time of year can speak love in tremendous ways and make the birth of our Savior an even sweeter occasion to celebrate.

We were honored to prepare a little Christmas feast for the community in Kandas-Vihear, Cambodia. Afterwards we also planned a party. As we were preparing the food, they patiently watched and waited and when it was finally set down before them, they devoured it. Members of the community were gathered around, feasting, and celebrating the incarnation of Jesus. At the end, gift bags of juice, soap, and other personal care items were given to the children.

Would the holiday season have been just as meaningful without the little feast? Certainly. But there is joy and blessing in gathering together and sharing a meal together. Joy and blessing is the theme of the season--we have joy and blessing because of this little baby Jesus who would one day give up his life for us on the cross. The feast perhaps allowed these beloved brothers and sisters to feel that joy a blessing a bit more tangibly than usual.