to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins

Our organization has facilitated a sweet partnership between the Christ Community Lutheran School in St. Louis and the Kawete, Uganda counterpart (CCLS-U). While the school in St. Louis was able to raise funds to help pay teachers salaries in Uganda, many other donors continue to provide support for much of the school’s operating expenses. This includes paying school staff, such as Violet, our project coordinator.

Violet's job is a special one. In addition to coordinating and facilitating the projects for the school, she also has the unique opportunity of hosting the Christmas feast each year.This feast is prepared for about 300-400 kids and usually consists of meat, rice, and a soft drink for each. Violet helps cook the food, and sees that all the preparations are in order.Then she dresses up as Santa Claus, disguising her accent and only speaking English pretending she just arrived from the States. She distributes candy and gifts and reads and tells the Christmas story. Santa telling the Christmas story? Sure it's a little unique, but the kids love it and the true purpose of Christmas is not lost.

We are grateful to the donors and the staff who have kept this school running. Doing so means that these kids get to experience the love of Christ's community and the joy of the Christmas season in a truly memorable and special way.